Friday, March 13, 2009

Tweetie 1.3c reviewed

If you linked here for the Twittelator 2 review click here

Just prior to the release of Twittelator Pro v2, Tweetie, perhaps the most popular iPhone twitter app, released v1.3 and here I review whats new in the release. For my Twittelator v2 review click here and for a photo overview click here.

Tweetie is a great Twitter client and at $2.99 is a bargain. I think it still lacks many of the advanced features of Twittelator Pro 2.0 but none the less its an easy to use, nice GUI and very useable app.

Lets look at the new features and some not so new but powerful.

This is the same view of an opened tweet. You can tap on the user name to open their profile (later), tap on the link or at the bottom tap on several action buttons.

When you tap the arrow bottom left of the screen you open this action window. what Tweetie does nicely is add a "Post Link" feature. So you can compose full 140 character tweet and provide a link to this tweet. Rather than Retweet this can be useful if you want to add comments but in a RT might not have room.

When you repost someone else's link Tweetie is gracious enough to add that person's @name in the new tweet.

When you tap on a link in an opened tweet you open this action screen. You can post a link to this URL in a new post or add the URL to your Instapaper account for later reading. Tweeite was the first to incorporate InstaPaper. Its a great product and its free on the App Store.

When you tap the user name in the open tweet you come to one of Tweetie's strengths. The user profile makes it easy to follow this user, view who he/she follows, direct a message to them, view their recent tweets and a new feature the ability to BLOCK the user. Other apps require you go to to block and unblock users.

To change settings for Tweetie unlike Twittelator, you have to exit Tweetie, go to iPhone Settings and iun the Applications list find Tweetie.

Up to now Tweetie came with two themes- the useless bubble chat unless you are a teenager or simple white screen. They now offer a dark background.

You can modify the theme font. Also like Twittelator you can display the tweeter's tweet name or the name they use in their profile, often their real name.

Under Settings Advanced you can choose to add additional accounts, sound effects and landscape compose as well as the initial number of tweets to load. All these settings are in the main Twittelator app avoiding havving to exit to make there changes. I find Twittelator more convenient for customization.

Under Experimental you find this screen. I'm not sure what they do but if you shouldn't abuse tem its not something I'm likely to need. I also dont belive is anonymous tweeting if thats the attemp here.

Bottom line Tweetie 1.3 is a nice product, affordably priced at $2.99, easy to use, nice looking, had added some minor enhancement in 1.3 which will be welcomed by Tweetie users.

I still rank Twittelator Pro v2 as the best product despite it's $4.99 price if you are a power user.

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